Steps to Follow in the Tree Removal Process

The procedure of tree removal orlando, though it might seem trouble-free, is actually more problematic than most people think. There are a number of steps involved, and a number of security issues that must be addressed. If the proper homework is not done ahead of time, it could result in someone being injured, or dent to valuable property. The preeminent way to make sure that all the right steps are followed is to bring in a professional with the skills and experience essential to remove the tree safely and efficiently.

Steps followed when removing a tree:

Making a Plan

The beginning step is to set up a plan to make sure you have looked over all the relevant details regarding the tree removal, such as the tallness of the tree, proximity to nearby structures, and which way the tree is inclination. This information will help you decide which way you want to fell the tree.

You will require considering all the security concerns, such as checking out the nearby power lines, structures, electrical, and plumbing to ensure none of these will become damaged during the project. Following the protection guidelines will also make sure that if the tree falls on its own; it will not hurt anybody or damage any belongings. You should also be capable to determine the best way to bring down big branches and make sure that your chainsaws and other tools are prepared to take on the job.


Basic methods used for cutting include using a rope and control to help you climb the tree, and a chain saw to lop off branches as you go. Smaller branches are generally left to free-fall, but larger and more unsafe ones will need extra care. A spar pole rigging will allow you to rig the branches, cut them, and get you, partners, to cautiously lower them to the ground.

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